Environmental Technologies

The environment is becoming increasingly important. For instance, the province of Quebec has recently adopted a policy on residual waste management. By 2020, the goal is to prohibit the disposal of putrescible organic matter. This policy entails the development of composting platforms and the establishment of a methanization plant. Several other measures, falling within a sustainable development approach, involve the modification of current facilities and the implementation of new environmental technologies.

Descimco believes in the environmental benefits of this policy and wishes to actively participate in this major undertaking. Our company has adopted a sustainable development policy and, in doing so, aims to help its partners reach their own objectives regarding sustainable development.

Biomethanization: The treatment of organic matter:

Methanization can be accomplished using a digester apparatus to depollute organic matter waste while producing energy in a gaseous form. Since the 2000s, the European Union has become the primary producer of biogas in the world. Facilities that are currently in operation use diverse types of technologies.

Air treatment:

Air quality is an important issue. The various procedures that are implemented commonly use a cleanup or air treatment system. Descimco collaborates with its partners on environmental solutions to provide innovative solutions to clients across the province of Quebec.

Our team can assist you in carrying out feasibility and profitability studies. Descimco has developed a vast network of partners over the years and now offers construction, implementation and operational services for new environmental technologies in collaboration with its business partners.