Group Strength

Unigerpro is the parent company of Descimco and of a group of specialized entrepreneurs. When the group describes itself as "a professional, specialized and multidisciplinary team," the expression takes on its full meaning. With great financial stability, the group is able to provide unique management as well as small- and large-scale project execution for its partners. In this way, Descimco is in a position to complete construction and retrofit work, as well as to integrate a wide range of specialties, thereby facilitating productive business relationships.

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Here is a description of the specializations of Unigerpro group members:



Unigertec General and civil contractor
Quantech Electricity and control (Ontario)
Industrotech Instrumentation
Descimco Mechanics contrator
Qualifab Pipe manufacturing
AIA Automation Automation and control
Talvi High-voltage electricity
Ondel General and civil contractor